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Physics Lab

Center for the study of optical properties,mechanical properties,electrical properties,magnetic properties and semiconductor properties.


This lab familiarizes the students to acquire the knowledge of determining different parameters of water, Conductivity of water, Viscosity, Flash &fire point of the lubricants , PH of soil and synthesis of Thermosetting plastics .

Life Sciences for Engineering lab

Life Sciences for Engineering lab enlighten students to observe and understand instruments like Microscopy, spectrophotometer, calorimeter, centrifuge and apply to develop new models, the observations in quantitative analysis like estimation of proteins, enzymes and nitrates led to sizable adoptions in the volume of available information. As well as nature of information on gene transmission and mapping expands to analyze an automated process.

English communication and Language Lab

Communicative English Lab has state-of-the-art equipment like 65 computer systems along with updated K-Van software and Audio-visual system. It facilitates students to hone both communication skills and employability skills. It also helps budding technocrats develop English communication skills, enriching their interpersonal skills, and enhancing their confidence levels as per the requirements of the professional world.

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