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Importance of Yoga and Meditation:
  • Yoga is a sanskrit word which was derived from Sanskrit "yuj"
  • It means connection, joining or union of body, mind & soul.​
  • The most common problem faced by every one in today’s world is stress and over anxiety.
  • This stress is faced by people of almost all age groups especially middle age groups.
  • The adverse effects of the stress is high blood pressure
  • It ultimately drives the patient to Heart stroke, Brain damage,diabetes.
  • Recently they find out Lungs cancer also.
  • Yoga helps to maintain the healthy functioning of the internal organs
  • To cure many diseases except HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, SUGAR AND HEART PROBLEMS
  • These are chronicle diseases so there is no cure
  • It will be kept incontrol unless and otherwise regular one hour yoga practice
  • Yoga Aims at developing concentration, memory power, will power and self confidence.
  • Dullness will never approach a person who practices yoga
  • It Brings glow in the face and can become active in doing any activity.
  • Good Health can be achieved by regular practice of Yoga & Meditation.

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