Welcome to the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department. We cannot envision a world without electronic devices and communication networks, which are now an integral and unavoidable part of our everyday life.
   The department's main goal is to prepare its students for real-world issues by providing them with a solid academic foundation in the cutting-edge fields of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The Department features a diverse group of permanent faculty members with 40% PhD holders from reputable institutions and who are both youthful and highly experienced. The faculty members exhibit a high degree of commitment and zeal for both teaching and cutting-edge research.
   The Department is accreditated by NBA consecutively 5 times.

The department is organizing A PCB Training workshop for II Years from 09-10-2023 to 14-10-2023 & 30-10-2023 to 04-11-2023 Click here for more details

   The Electronics and Communications Engineering Programme smoothly integrates ideas from fundamental sciences and technology with applicable practise in laboratories and projects to help students develop their problem-solving abilities while keeping in mind the needs of the industry. Signal processing, communication systems, VLSI design, embedded systems, and robotics are just a few of the topics that students will become proficient in.
   The department has experienced faculty and is the greatest asset. Majority of the faculty members are doctorates from reputed universities.

  • Established in 2000.
  • Contemporary industry ready curriculum.
  • Rich academic, research and industry experienced faculty.
  • Innovative teaching pedagogies, Industry interactive collaboration.
  • Student centric education.
  • Offering placement training to students.
  • Industrial Internships for students in reputed companies.
  • Good Placement oppurtunities for eligible students.

Approved by AICTE and permanently affiliated to JNTUK
Autonomous College Status since 2012 providing the curriculum in line with the current and future Industrial requirements.

Department ValueAdds

Experienced Faculty

The faculty team consists of exceptional educators and researchers from both the academic and software industries, all of whom contribute to the students' entire professional and personal development.

Placement Training

Our training programmes are meant to instill leadership, teamwork, and a global perspective. The training courses are rigorously monitored, and revised to include the most cutting-edge technical ideas and practises into the activities.

Innovation First

Expose the students to seek a new and better ways of doing things, often through experimentation. Innovative thinking can be applied to any industry or organization to be able to generate new ideas and solutions.

Professional Societies

Society memberships in IETE, ISTE helps students to interact with the outside world, and helps them to excel in academic, professional, and personality development activities.


Faculty mentors helps students to build confidence and relationships, to develop resilience and character, or raise aspirations, rather than to develop specific academic skills or knowledge.

Higher Education

Self-learning and supportive atmosphere helps students in preparing for the transition to study and gain the academic information & study skills required to succeed.

Ambient Classrooms

The classrooms are bright, and pleasant, which improves the learning atmosphere. Our classes are equipped with modern teaching aids.

Sports Activities

Students have the opportunity to develop their physical and mental skills in order to attain their personal goals.

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