Enterprenuer Development Cell Activities

     The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) engages in a number of initiatives for the development of students, giving them corporate exposure while they are still in school and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship The entrepreneurial development cell connects ideas with marketable products. This makes it possible for students to develop their capabilities and match themselves with industry. In this approach, the EDC simultaneously develops a paradigm where both industry and students win.
     The student's ambition of becoming a versatile entrepreneur is being channeled through the entrepreneurship development cell, which has taken on a greater responsibility for developing entrepreneurship skills among the students. Additionally, we expose young, snooping minds to the industrial sector to offer them a complete understanding of market needs and demands. EDC encourages students to awaken their hidden entrepreneurial spirit by supporting entrepreneurs and innovators as they create, introduce and market their ideas. In addition to the aforementioned, EDC works to minimize the gap between what employers want and what students can do.

EDC Dept. Coordinator

Mr. A. AshokBabu
Asst. Professor
EMP ID: ECE010040
Contact: 9394206029
Email: [email protected]

EDC Activities

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