SITAR Activities

    Department Faculty Coordinator
  1. Dr. K. Ramanjaneyulu, Professor, Dept. of ECE,8328175703
    Department Student Co-ordinators
  1. Ravali Priya K,III ECE, 8978818929
  2. Chakradhar Naidu G, III ECE ,9391239006

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  1. Registration Fee for PVPSIT Student:Rs.118/-Incl.GST
  2. Registration Fee for Other College Student:Rs.236/- Incl.GST



  1. A team can have maximum of TWO participants.
  2. This event will be conducted in two phases (Prelims and Finals).
  3. Ten teams will be shortlisted after the prelims for Final round.
  4. There will be a TIME bonus in the Final round.


  1. There will be a written test with objective type questions from the fields of electronics with 25 questions. Time duration of the test is 30 minutes.
  2. Answers must be written on the given question paper sheet.
  3. Sheets must be submitted within the time limit. No sheets will be accepted after the deadline.
  4. Results will be declared after the completion of test and selected teams will have to report for Final round.


  1. In this round teams have to design circuit and show the output In MULTISIM/Bread board for the given problem statement.
  2. A total duration of 2 hours will be given to each team.
  3. Team should draw circuit diagram for the given problem statement.
  4. In case of tie-break between two or more teams, the one who completes the circuit and shows output with minimum time will be considered.

    Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

  1. Dr.Ch.Gangadhar, Associate Professor,Dept. of ECE,9440577560.
  2. Dr. V. S.D.Rekha , Assistant Professor,Dept. of ECE,9440118675.

    Student Coordinators for this Event:

  1. U.Niharika,III ECE,9182815093.
  2. V.Kousic Naren Sai, III ECE, 7794896835 .

Technical Quiz


  1. Only team entries are allowed. (Each Team should consists of 2 members, preferably one each from Third year and Second Year)
  2. The participants will not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic gadgets during the quiz.
  3. . The questions shall be in the form of multiple choices, true / false statement, specific-one word answer and the like.
  4. . The decision of the quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.

QUALIFYING ROUND (Written Examination) – (In case more than 5 teams registered)

  1. Each team would have to answer 25 objective type questions. Each question carries one mark.
  2. Time limit will be 25 minutes for the entire session.
  3. Negative mark of 1/4 will be awarded for wrong answer.
  4. Only 5 teams would be selected for the FINAL ROUND.
  5. In case of a tie between any two or more teams, an additional five questions will be given to the teams and a final selection will be made.
  6. The selected teams shall have to appear for the final on-stage round for which the venue and time will be informed during the qualifying round.
FINAL ROUND (Consisting of Four Mini Rounds)
    Mini Round 1: 4 Sub Rounds with Five questions per round.
  1. Each team would be asked 4 questions each.
  2. 10 marks will be awarded for a correct answer at the first chance.
  3. 5 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  4. If a team cannot answer a question, it can be passed to the next team. If answered correctly marks will be awarded to the team or else 2 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer.
  5. Only one pass is allowed for a question.
  6. Answering time per question is only 30 seconds.
  7. Discussion within the team is allowed.
    Mini Round 2: Rapid Fire Round:
  1. Each team will have to answer 10 questions at a stretch with a time limit of Ten seconds per question.
  2. If a team cannot answer the question, they can pass for the next question till they finish all the ten questions.
  3. The team can select any one member from the team to answer. He/she can get help of the partner.
  4. 10 marks will be awarded for each correct answer whereas 5 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.
    Mini Round 3: Buzzer Round:
  1. A question will be posed to all teams and the team which presses the buzzer first will be given the chance to answer.
  2. 10 marks will be awarded for each correct answer while a deduction of 5 marks will be done for wrong as well as no answers.
  3. Answering time is limited to 30 seconds per question.
    Mini Round 4- Audio-visual round
  • A video/Image clip will be projected on the screen and questions related to the clip will be posed to the teams. This audio-visual round will consist of two rounds with each team getting one clip per round.
  • 10 marks will be awarded for the each correct answer whereas wrong answers will lead to a deduction of 5 marks each.
  • Answering time is limited to 30 seconds per question.
  • No passing is allowed to the next team.

    1. Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

    2. Mr.M.Srinivasa Rao, Associate Professor,Dept. of ECE,9985035499.
    3. Dr T.Mahalakshmi, Assistant Professor,Dept. of ECE,9441266701.

      Student Coordinators for this Event:

    1. N.Krishna Vamsi,III ECE,9493737713 .
    2. P Sri Maheswari, III ECE,8074031965.



    1. Maximum number of authors in a Team is 2
    2. Spot registrations are not allowed
    3. Candidates should submit the soft copy of the full paper (abstract alone will not be accepted) in IEEE format to the mail id [email protected]
    4. Accepted papers will be intimated to the respective mail id
    5. The presentation time for each paper is 8 minutes and 2 minutes for queries
    6. Selected candidates should bring their identity card at the time of presentation
    7. Selected candidates should bring hard copy of the paper at the time of presentation

      Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

    1. Mrs.K.Anitha , Associate Professor,Dept. of ECE, 9490647666.
    2. Mrs B.V.Subbayamma, Assistant Professor,Dept. of ECE 7893581466.

      Student Coordinators for this Event:

    1. T.Lalitha,III ECE, 8143443079.
    2. P.Ravi Kishore Reddy ,III ECE,9014693864.

    Coding Contest

    The contest will be having TWO rounds

      Round 1:
    • Preliminary objective test with 10 bits for 20 minutes
      Round 2:
    • Contestants (Individuals) are given 2-3 problems to solve with a time limit of 1 hour
    1. Round 2 is applicable, only for those contestants who clears Round 1 with a basic cut off set by event coordinator
    2. Contestants should be well aware about C language.
    3. Problem statements are available only in one language: English

      Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

    1. Dr.Haji.Habibulla MD , Sr.Assistant Professor,Dept. of ECE ,9246123786.
    2. Mr. Phani Rama Krishna, Assistant Professor,Dept. of ECE 9848385962.

      Student Coordinators for this Event:

    1. M.Umasri, III ECE,7995673896 .
    2. K Ramya, III ECE,9550154272 .

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