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Students are the major stakeholders for any HEIs. The Reputation of the institution is mainly built by students efficiency not only in academics but also by their magnificent performance in the corporate world. They play an integral and crucial role in the development of the institution. In the year 2016, Student Council has been established with an aim to provide a pragmatic and productive support from the management in making the institution to reach top notch level. Students also render their contribution to the institution helping to attain its vision and mission prolifically.

For the wellbeing of the students and up gradation of the institution in all perspectives, students are encouraged to be a part of administrative & academic bodies. The qualities of compassion, compliance, confidence and commitment enable the students to get all-round development. Team activities and literary contests facilitate them to be endowed with magnificence and munificence, inventiveness and innovativeness and humility and honesty.


  • To promote an environment conducive to Educational and Personal Development.
  • To represent the views of the Students on matters of general concern.
  • To promote Leadership skills, Team spirit & Social responsibility among students.
  • To create a sense of belongingness and benevolence to the College and its activities.
  • To involve as many students as possible in the student development activities of the institution.


  • Principal is the chairperson of the Student Council.
  • One faculty coordinator nominated to work along with the members of student council and be as an advisor to them.
  • Members of the Student Council will be nominated by the respective Department.
  • A trinity of student members (topper, mediocre and slow learner) is selected from each section
  • of B.Tech. II year to IV year along with MBA. A student who is assertive and maintains integrity with others should be nominated as member of student council.


  • The Student Council shall meet twice in a year (once in even semester and once in odd semester). It is mandatory for the faculty co-coordinators attend the meetings of the Council.
  • The Student Council helps the students to share their Ideas, Interests and Concerns with Faculty and Principal and thus contribute to the Institution to attain its Vision, Mission and to be an essential part of the institution.
  • To identify, plan and organize various activities under student council and also to ensure smooth flow of the activities.
  • Members of the council should disseminate the information related to student council activities to their respective class students and thus ensure better participation from the students.

The funding for various activities under student council is provided by the college Management.

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