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Machine Shop - 1

The lab is equipped with machine tools and their accessories which enables the students to acquire practical knowledge in metal cutting.

Machine Shop - II

The lab is equipped with machine tools and the students will be able to perform different operations on machines.

Dassault 3D Lab

The lab provides the ability for design, engineering and testing to collaborate effectively and efficiently including for transient time dynamic simulations.

Metallurgy Lab

Metallurgy lab enables the students to Characterize the microstructures of different ferrous and nonferrous metals by preparing various test specimens.

Machine Dynamics Lab

In Machines dynamics lab, gyroscopes, balancing machines and universal vibration facilities are available.

Material Testing Lab

This lab familiarizes the students to determine material constants and load carrying capacity by performing tests and to acquire knowledge of different material Properties.


This lab consists of CNC milling machine, CNC lathe interconnected by Aristo robot with linear slide,computer aided manufacturing software ESPRIT for simulation and NC code generation.

Metrology & Instrumentation Lab

Use of measuring instruments for observation, monitoring or control

IC Engines Lab

IC engines lab is equipped with internal combustion engines, boilers and test rigs with an aim to inculcate practical knowledge.

Fuels & Lubricants Lab

This lab is equipped with various fuel quality testing equipments of various lubricating oils.

Heat Transfer Lab

This lab is equipped with heat transfer measuring equipments and the knowledge of heat transfer in an effective manner for different applications.


The CAD Lab engages the imagination of the engineer to explore a variety of aspects of technological design from simple machine element to the simulation of complicated mechanism.

Basic workshop

This lab provides the basic working knowledge of the production tools and properties of different materials used in the industry.

Mechatronics Lab

This lab provides the basic working knowledge for the optimal design and operation of mechatronics and smart systems comprises of system modeling and analysis, decision and control theory, sensors and signal conditioning, actuators and power electronics, hardware interfacing, rapid control prototyping, and embedded computing.


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