Department Faculty Coordinator
  1. Dr. M. Naga Swapna Sri, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME, 9052323234
  2. Dr. P. Anusha, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME, 9492173371
    Department Student Coordinators
  1. Mr. Y. BHAVASAGAR , III ME, 9949396566
  2. Mr. A. Manoj, III ME, 7396228963

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  1. Registration Fee for PVPSIT Student:Rs.120/-Incl.GST
  2. Registration Fee for Other College Student:Rs.240/- Incl.GST

Project Expo


  • This is a team Event.
  • The competition is open to all undergraduates of Mechanical Engineering course. (Inter disciplinary projects may also encouraged)
  • The Project model with at least ONE MOVING PART will be given preference.
  • Each team must have a maximum of 3 members & no member should be enrolled in any other project. (The team lead should be from Mechanical/Metallurgy/Automobile stream)
  • Member should carry a valid student ID card of their respective college
  • The project should be a working model and have social relevance. (May be a theme based like: Atmanirbhar Bharath, Agri-Tech, SwachchBharath, Swasth-Bharath, Toys, etc.,)
  • Participants should bring their own Laptops and other equipment related to their project.
  • All entries of abstract will be scrutinized by a committee and the selected participants will be informed by email ONLY.
  • Selected participants have to confirm their participation through email
  • Participants will be given max. of 10min. for their project explanation when the panel of Judges arrive; Of course they may come twice also, if needed;
  • Judges decision will be final

    1. Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

    2. Dr. Ch. Kishore Reddy, Assistant Professor, 7382219990
    3. Mrs.Ch.Vidya, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME, 9705437554
    4. Mr. M V H Satish Kumar, Associate Professor,9885804636

      Student Coordinators for this Event:

    1. Mr. R. Sandeep, III ME, 9390716610
    2. Mr. V. Sandeep, III ME, 6281816009



  • Eligibility: The competition is open to all engineering students having knowledge on CREO and CATIA.
  • Contest Participation: Several teams will compete against each other to solve some CAD related problems. Each Team should not be more than 2 people. The participants could be from the same college or different colleges, but both must be engineering graduate students. Teams will be selected for competition based on first come first serve.
  • Hardware/Software Setup: Each team will be provided a computer loaded with CREO and CATIA software

Preparation Guidelines

  • All students should present with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes.
  • Each team has to prepare 3D Model for the given component.
  • Evaluation is based on completion of job with all details at the earliest time.
  • The organizers will reject incomplete, inconsistent or improper drawings. Furthermore, the organizers will not return submitted drawings.
  • The decision of the jury shall be final and binding.
  • All entrants are regarded as having a full understanding of the regulations for the competition and as being willing to comply with every rule.
  • Certificate of Excellence will be given to winners.
  • Certificates of participation will be given to all teams that have participated in contest.

    Faculty Coordinator for this Event:

  1. Dr.Sk Abdul Kalam , Assistant Professor. Dept. of Mech., 9441520233
  2. Mr.Ch.Lakshmi Kanth, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mech.,9652241067
  3. Mr. P. Masthan Rao , Assistant Pofessor, Dept. of Mech., 9885074139

    Student Coordinator for this Event:

  1. Mr. Sk. Kalesha, III ME, 87904 78415
  2. Mr. Sd. Saber husain,III ME, 73968 08963

Tool Search


  1. Only One Participant Is Allowed At A Time To The Tool Room.
  2. Six to seven Different Mechanical Tools Will Be Placed Under Basket.
  3. Ten Number Of Baskets Will Be Placed Under Which Different Tools are arranged.
  4. Participant Need To Select A Slip From The Basket Of Slips Where Basket Names Will Be There.
  5. Picked Basket Number Should Be Given To The Student Coordinator So That He Will Show You The Tools under the basket.
  6. Particpant Need To Write All arranged Tool Names Within A Second.
  7. Participant Who Identifies All The Tools Names In Less Time Will Be Announced As Winner Of The Event.
  8. Judge Decision Is Final.

    Faculty Coordinator for this Event:

  1. Mr.K.Venkata Rao, Assistant Professor, ME, 9959769585
  2. Mr. P. Gopala Krishnaiah, Assistant Pofessor, 8297355333
  3. Mr. I. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor, ME, 7337018919

    Student Coordinator for this Event:

  1. Mr. R. Manikanta, III MEC, 96408 84493
  2. Mr. P. Chaitanya gandhi, III MEC, 91825 39149