Department Faculty Coordinator
  1. Ms. G. Madhavi, Assistant Professor,Dept. of EEE,8985815736
  2. Mr. B. Mohan, Assistant Professor,Dept. of EEE, 9701742364
    Department Student Co-ordinators
  1. G. Naveen, III EEE, 6304779212
  2. K. Vishnu Chaitanya Siddhartha, III EEE, 6281785066

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  1. Registration Fee for PVPSIT Student:Rs.120/-Incl.GST
  2. Registration Fee for Other College Student:Rs.240/- Incl.GST

Green Gyan - Seminar

VENUE  :-   ROOM No 252 TIME: 02:00 pm to 4:00 pm(6th March)

The participants should present their seminar about the various technological evolutions regarding Green Energy (Renewable Sources).


  1. Individual Participation.
  2. Should try to convey their view on Green Energy using 2-5 slides of power point presentation.
  3. Maximum of 5 minutes is allotted for sharing your ideas along with the quires.
  4. Judges decision is final.

    Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

  1. Smt.J.Hemalatha ,Sr.Assistant Professor,Dept. of EEE,9493488596.
  2. Dr.R.Swathi , Assistant Professor,Dept. of EEE, 9703074790.
  3. Smt.V.Harika, Assistant Professo, Dept. of EEE, 9491961664

    Student Coordinators for this Event:

  1. Mr. Shaik Shakeel ,III EEE,9490907803
  2. Mr. P. Sampath Babu ,III EEE, 8520808454


VENUE  :-   ROOM No 262 and 263 TIME: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm(6th March)


  1. Each batch should contain two members.
  2. Team should be formed with students of same college. Inter collegiate teams are not permitted.
  3. Prelims will be conducted depending on the number of batches.
  4. Total number of rounds will be intimated at the event.
  5. Any sort of materials and electronic gadgets are not allowed at the time of quiz.
  6. Judge’s decision is final.

    Faculty Coordinators for this Event:

  1. Dr.C.Kumar,Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE,9490958225
  2. Dr.N.Vijaya Anand,Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE,9849862037
  3. Dr.D.Ragaleela, Sr.Assistant Professor,Dept. of EEE, 9949418868

    Student Coordinators for this Event:

  1. K.Vishnu Chaitanya Siddhartha, III EEE, 6281785066
  2. G.Naveen, III EEE, 6304779212
  3. A.Sravan, III EEE, 8341408112