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Computer Society of India (CSI)

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Student chapter Computer Society of India (CSI) established under the department of Computer Science and Engineering on 1st April 2015. The Computer Society of India is a non-profit professional society and meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas. Facilitate Research, Knowledge Sharing, Learning and Career Enhancement among all categories of IT professionals. Inspire, nurture and assist students to integrate into the IT community. Percolate benefits of IT advancement to all sections of Indian Society. 

The activities of the student branch include Seminars, Workshops, Technical Symposium & Guest Lectures to keep faculty and students updated with latest developments in various technologies. The following set of activities is carried out in our college.

1. CSI Orientation: Introducing CSI activities for all students
2. Technical-Quiz: Quiz competition
3. Know CS: Session on new technologies
4. Technical events: A Technical Event (Twice an Year)
5. Workshops on Latest Technologies
7. Guest Lectures
8. FDPs
9. Coding Contests.


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