Mechanical Engineering:

Contraptions turns things on its head in that where most other events seek to simplify a complex problem, Contraptions require your ability to convolute the most simplest of actions with an infinite array of steps! All you need is planning, innovation, efficiency in steps and use of materials to stay in the reckoning.It's the only event of its kind which tests a wide range of skills of the team such as robotics, disaster proof construction, the power to innovate and impeccable implementation of ideas

  • Problem Statement Note:

    • You are free to choose any kind of energy conversions
    • You can make a multi-step arrangement to perform the task
  • Final step:

    • Raising the “SITAR 2K19” poster (just like a flag)
  • Rules for Contraptions Event:

    • Number of participants should be four in a team
    • The entire contraption should be within a 2m x 4m rectangle
    • Once the first step has been initiated, intervention of any sort in the intermediate steps would lead to deduction in points
    • Maximum of three trials would be allowed for each team
    • Only three human interventions are allowed during the execution of task
    • The total time taken for task should not exceed 15 minutes
    • Contestants are responsible for removing their arrangement and any debris left after the completion of their round
    • All the materials required for the arrangement should be brought by the corresponding team. Teams are not allowed to share any material
    • No material will be provided by the organizers
    • Judges decision will be final and binding to all
  • Eligibility:

    • All students of UG with a valid photo identity card are eligible to participate in Contraptions event
  • Judging Criteria

    • Number of steps in the contraption
    • Number of energy conversions
    • Types of energy conversions
    • Originality of the ideas and innovativeness
    • Robustness of the contraption
    • Number of trials and forced human interventions used (will lead to deduction of points)
    • Complexity of the overall contraption
    • Usage waste materials encouraged