ISTE Student Chapter Code:AP78

    ISTE Chapter Code:73

    ISTE Institute Code:1168


    Aims & Objectives of ISTE Chapter

  • Formulate the general goals and responsibilities of technical education
  • To harness the knowledge of Engineering Sciences for the welfare of the society.
  • Apply and modify curriculum and educational processes to changing conditions
  • Develop effective teachers and educational administrators.
  • Improve Instructional methods and practices and administrative usages.
  • Enhance professional ideals and standards.Foster research as complementary to teaching.
  • Cultivate fraternal spirit amongst the teachers, administrators, industrialists and professionals.
  • Bring out effective linkage between technical institutions, industry and society.
  • Award honorary fellowships, awards and prizes for furthering the objectives of Technical Education.

    Student Chapter Activities

  • Organize students symposiums and seminars.
  • Organize weekly/monthly quiz programmes for members.
  • Organize lectures by experts from industry, R&D, defense services, government departments and other sources.
  • Coaching programme for writing competitive examinations and attending job interview.
  • Organize programmes on report writing, project management.
  • Cultural programmes.
  • Entrepreneurship development programmes.
  • Lectures on moral values and ethics.
  • Discussions, brain-storming sessions, group activities.
  • Training in public speaking and becoming a master Student.
  • Visits industry and work sites.
  • Programmes in leadership and personality development.
  • Training in cooperative learning, environmental awareness, basic management skills.

    Aims and Objectives of PVPSIT - ISTE Chapter.

  • To spread the benefits of Engineering Education to the less privileged.
  • To advance the status and roles of engineering practice
  • To facilitate interaction between members of Engineering Societies throughout the world.
  • To represent the opinion of Members of the society, on matters related to the objects of society.
  • To promote the values of Engineering and Technology and its applications.
  • Promoting continuing education and training.