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33 highly experienced faculty members enable the students to develop a strong base of fundamental knowledge with values to mould themselves into future technocrats of great worth. 10 faculty from English, 9 from Mathematics, 6 from Physics, 7 from Chemistry, 1 from Environmental Studies and 2 Lab Technicians are contributing to the department. Staff members have research inclination and varied teaching experience.  4 members have been awarded Ph.D., 11 members have been awrded M.Phil. and 3 members have been submitted their thesis for the award of Ph.D., .

The Freshman Engineering Department is well established with 36 staff members from various subjects English,Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Studies
Department Contact Information ....
Dr. Ch  Padmanabha Raju,

Head of the Department - FED
PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology
Phone - 0866-2581699
E-mail : hodsah@pvpsiddhartha.ac.in