Personal Profile

Dr. Venu Madhav Panchagnula

Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE, PVPSIT


Technical Expertise
CMMI Consultant / Web Designer / Programmer Analyst

DRWA 682, 6th Lane, Devi Nagar, Vijayawada 520003, India

Phone #:
+91 905 290 6648

[email protected]

Career Summary

  • Over 17 Years of Teaching experience out of which 14 years and 2 months as Assistant Professor in PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Kanuru under ECE Department to create a challenging and continuous engaging environment, motivating and inspiring students to become lifelong scholars and learners to pursue academic and personal excellence.

  • 3 years as Associate Lecturer in KES Polytechnic College for Women.

  • PhD in the area of Microstrip Antennas in KL University.

  • Professional Memberships: IETE & ISTE Life member

  • 4 years Industrial experience in software development as .Net Consultant.

  • Participated in faculty development programme in Advanced Robotic Control an intensive onsite training at APS GmbH European Centre for Mechatronics, Germany

  • Worked as one of the Appraisal Team member for CMMI L2, L3 Certifications for Services (CMMI-SVC & DEV)

  • Good experience in handling subjects like Embedded Systems, Biomedical instrumentation, Computer Networks, Computer Organization, Optical Communication & Networks, Fiber optics measurements lab, Using latest teaching aids like PPTs, OHP’s and all possible audio-Visual sources for the benefit of the students.

  • Experience in handling lab Budget preparations and Estimations.

  • Participated in a “Two day workshop on CURRICULUM DESIGN IN TECHNICAL EDUCATION”.

  • Prepared M.Tech Syllabus for the subjects - Optical Communications and Networks, Fiber optic components Devices and Measurements, Planar Transmission Lines, Microwave Integrated Circuits and Fiber optics Measurements Lab and got approval from JNTU Kakinada.

  • Handled and prepared course ware for Microwave Engineering Lab, Micro Processor Lab, and EDC Lab.

  • As T&P Departmental coordinator set a record of 67, 91 and 94 students to secure placements during the last 3 years in MNC’s during 2013-2016.

  • Actively involved in organizing Guest Lectures in latest technologies & co-coordinating with faculty resource persons from IITs and other institutions.

  • Played a vital role in securing the NBA Accreditation – Delhi in organizing and documenting the details of guest lectures organized & gathering the details of the student sports as required for the accreditation.

Details of my Activities

I have my general passion for innovation in providing tailor made solutions for complex problems, including strategies for more effective teamwork.

  • Received special Appreciation for effective Implementation of Innovative Imaging Technique in EDMS for Government of Melaka, Malaysia, 2004
  • Received Scholarship for pursuing M Tech at Andhra University from the KES polytechnic college.
  • Developed a Web Based Barcode Generator for College library for the identification of Books available in the book bank which works with various barcode readers available in the market.
  • Developed an online Course & Programme End Survey system for Electronics and communication Engineering Dept., PVPSIT.
  • P.Venu Madhav, Asst. Professor & Dr.M.SivaGanga Prasad, Prof. & HOD, KKR & KSR KITS Guntur published a book chapter- 5 on “E-Shape Top Loaded Octagonal Patch Antenna for Small Frequency Applications” , Book Title:  Electronics & Communication Engineering Applications & Innovations, ISBN: 978- 1-77188 693-2, Pages: 49-61, July – 2019. Online version   Click here Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • P. Venu Madhav and M. Siva Ganga Prasad (March 2020) published a book chapter- 7 on "Characterization of Printed Podal Vivaldi Antenna (8–18 GHz) on RT Duroid with Single and Double Cavity" , Book Title:   Advances in Array Optimization, Ertugrul Aksoy, ISBN 978-1-83880-107-6, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.88727. Online version   Available from:Click here Publisher : IntechOpen - United Kingdom
  • INDIA. Patent 202041038516A: "A DISINFECTANT SYSTEM FOR UV BASED GERMICIDE", September 18, 2020.
  • INDIA. Patent 202041051463: "A METHOD AND A DEVICE FOR OBJECT DETECTION", December 4,2020.
Academic year 2019-20
  • P VenuMadhav, Dr. M. Sivaganga Prasad, “Fabrication of Hybrid Fractal Microstrip Antenna for Mobile and Wi-Max Applications”, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume-8 Issue-11, September 2019 pages: 3373-3377
  • P VenuMadhav, Dr. M. Sivaganga Prasad, “Dual band 1x4 Octagonal Array for mobile & Wifi Applications”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, June 2019, Vol 2, Pages:1146-115
  • Dr.K.Ramanjaneyulu, Professor, Mr. P.Venu Madhav, Assistant Professor, Mr.Surya Prasada Rao Borra, Associate Professor published a paper entitled Vehicle Tracking & Accident Detection System – Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) Volume 6, Issue 6 ISSN-2349-5162; June 2019.
Academic year 2018-19
  • P VenuMadhav, Dr. M. Sivaganga Prasad, “Characterization of printed podal Vivaldi antennas (8-18 Ghz) on RT duroid with single and double cavity” , International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, April 2019, Vol 7, pages: 1984-1989
Academic year 2017-18
  • P VenuMadhav, Dr. M. Sivaganga Prasad, “Investigation on octagonal shape complimented microstrip antenna for low frequency operations using CSA- Alogirthm. IJSER- Vol 8, Issue 8, Aug-2017.
  • P VenuMadhav, Dr. M. Sivaganga Prasad, “Topology Optimization of dual octagonal Array Antenna for low frequency applications . 15th -17th March 2nd National Conference on Knowledge Base Inventive Telecommunication Systems NCKITS- 2018.
Academic year 2016-17 (Conferences)
  • P. Venu Madhav and Dr.M.S.G. Prasad, "E-Shape Top Loaded Octagonal Patch Antenna for Small Frequency Applications” – October, RACEE2016, NITW.
  • P.Venu Madhav, Dr. M.S.G Prasad, “Octagonal CPW structured SRR for low frequency applications NCKITS-2017, Guntur
  • P VenuMadhav, Dr. M. Sivaganga Prasad, “Interleaved Metallic Octagonal Structures for Low Frequency Applications”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, ISSN: 0974-5572, International Science Press, Volume 10 • No. 35 2017.
Academic year 2014-15
  • P.Venu Madhav, V. Sirisha “Design and Analysis of RF MEMS Switchable LPF” International Journal of Engineering & Science Research, IJESR Nov’14, Vol-4, Issue -11, pages 825-835. ISSN 2277-2685.
Academic year 2012-13
  • P.Venu Madhav, V. Nagaraju, V. Manoj kumar “Optimization of patch size of fractal hybrid antenna for GPS application”, International journal of engineering research and applications, IJERA, Vol 3, issue 1, jan-feb 2013 page 2003-08, ISSN:2248-9622.
  • P.Venu Madhav, V. Manoj kumar , V. Nagaraju “Multiband Fractal Antenna for WiMax Application”, International journal of engineering research and applications, IJERA, Vol 3, issue 1, jan-feb 2013 page 1988-1994, ISSN:2248-9622
Academic year 2011-12
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao, “ Performance Analysis of coherent and non-coherent MMSE interference suppression for DS-CDMA”, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Sciences and Technology, vol 8, Issue No. 2, ISSN No. 223027818 Pg. No. 238-242.July 2011.
Academic year 2010-11
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao, " Adaptive DS-CDMA Receiver with Code Tracking (BPSK) in Phase Unknown Environment", International Journal of Technology and Engineering System, Vol 1 No.1, ISSN: 0976-269X January-June 2010
  • National Journals:
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “Low Complexity Multi-user Detection in DS-CDMA Using DFE”, i-manager’s Journal on Electronics Engineering (JELE) ISSN: 2229-7286, March – May’2011.
  • International Conferences:
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao, “BER Performance of Multi user MT-DSCDMA using Spreading Codes in Fading Channel”, IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research , Dec 15-18th 2011, Kanyakumari.
  • National Conferences:
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “Implementation of Call Processing Using DS-CDMA” National conference on Advances in Recent Trends in communication and Networks (ARTCON 2010), January 15-16,2010,Organized by Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Anna saheb dange college of engineering and technology, Ashta.
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “Evaluation of performance in Wide Band CDMA” National conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics & communication Feb 6th 2010, Jointly organized by the Department of Electronics & communication Engineering and, Electronics & instrumentation Engineering, St.Ann’s college of engineering & technology, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh.
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “PERFORMANCE OF MULTIUSER DETECTION IN DS- CDMA FOR AN ULTRA-WIDE-BAND” National conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics Engineering and Computing E3C 2010, 9th & 10th February,2010.Technically Co-sponsored by Computer Society of India (CSI) & IETE, Organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering and electronics Engineering, JD College of Engineering , Nagpur (MS).
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “Evaluate the performance of Adaptive DSCDMA Receiver for Multiuser Detection” National conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems ( NCSPCS -2010), February 25th and 26th ,2010, Organised by Department of Electronics & communication Engineering, R.V.R & J.C. College of Engineering, Chandramoulipuram, Chowdavaram, Guntur.
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “Performance Evaluation of Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA Systems” DRDO Sponsored National Level conference on Wireless Technologies for Urban Security ( NCWTUS -2010), April 9th and 10th ,2010, Organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sri Venkateswara college of engineering and technology , Chittoor.
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “Estimating the channel impulse response , Activity threshold detection using LMS Algorithm in DS-CDMA” National conference on Signals, Systems and Communication ( NCSSC -2011), April 29th , 2011, Organized by Department of Electronics & communication Engineering, SKR Engineering College, Agarmel, Poonamallee, Chennai.
  • J.Ravindrababu, P.Venumadhav, and Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao “BER Performance of BPSK and QAM Techniques for Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA using PDA Algorithm.” National conference on Signal processing, Communications and VLSI Design (NCSCV -2011), May 6th and 7th, 2011, Organized by Department of Electronics & communication Engineering, Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore.

Certifications & Skills

Thinking out of the box and coming up with creative solutions can be a real asset in my roles and i have sound knowledge in the following professional requirements.

Subjects Taught

➢ Embedded & Real Time Systems                   ➢ Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
➢ Computer Architecture & Organization      ➢ Computer Networks
➢ Electronic Devices & Circuits                           ➢ Bio Medical Instrumentation
➢ Antenna & Wave Propagation


➢ CMMI Certified Appraisal Team Member
➢ .NET Application Developer- DATAPRO –India
➢ Certified TESTER -DATAPRO – India
➢ IBM Main Frame Skilled Programmer - CMC, RECW
➢ AS/400 Skilled Programmer- CMC-HYD


Embedded Based IOT Design 8/10
.NET Technologies 8/10
MS-SQL Database Administration 7/10
HTML 8/10
Programming Languages (C, C++, Java..) 7/10
Open Source Tools (AJAX, XML, Active-X components) 8/10
Scripting Languages ( / C# ) 7/10
Microcontroller Programming ( Machine Language ) 6/10